“AI”mpowered DOCS

with NextrAI platform

Every thing has changed except……

  • how we study, review and analyze text documents like Agreements, Proposals, research documents, procedures etc. We open the documents go through it manually make notes, highlight and tag them. We have been doing it all the same way in the last decade. Can latest tech like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing (NLP)can change this?
  • The answer is resounding yes. Lets look at how some of the possible ways AI / ML specially NLP can bring the change:
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER)is a NLP task which extracts values of predefined entities from a given document. Lets you analyze a contract / proposal you need extract specific data from them, then you use NER.
  • Clause (Para)/ Document Classification is ability of algorithm to classify or categorize documents or clauses. By classifying documents you will be able to organize documents w.r.t. various criterion without even opening it. Para classification feature can be intelligently used for tag paras w.r.t. importance, risk, compliance etc.
  • Text Summarization using ML creates a short version of your documents so that you read the summary first then decide the next course of action.
  • QnA is the ability of NLP to answer questions based on a given document. You want to know what is the expiry date of your contract, why open it. Just ask through a chatbot and you have the answer.
  • Document Similarity: You are studying a research paper and you want to search similar papers then use similarity algorithms.
  • These are just few high level application. Technology can be adopted to suit you document analysis need.

We at Nextr AI are committed to bring the change in how documents are analyzed and information in extracted.

AI enabled Intelligent Document Processing fron NEXTRAI

Do you deal with pile of Documents regularly?

Do you annotate / extract and make notes on documents?

Multiple teams working on the same document?

Want to avoid human error?

Not sure how to ease processing of printed documents?

How NEXTRAI can help you?

We help you to analyze business documents and extract information and insights automatically.

AIPoweredDocs is a server based AI platform to work smartly with your documents.

• It will help improve productivity and cut cost by automating data extraction.

• Auto tagging of paras in documents like RFPs / Contract helps in quick analysis and insights from the documents

  • Platform include many other feature for collaboration, comparison, OCR etc….

Feature Details:

EXTRACTION: Extract information from PDF automatically.

  • Start manually extracting the data using annotation and train ML in the process.
  • Human in the loop approach.
  • Download Annotated data for NER training

CLAUSE ANALYSIS: Clauses/Paragraphs are Auto-Identified.

  • Use ML to assign clauses to right team members
  • Train ML to tag Clauses w.r.t. risks, compliance, importance, discipline etc..
  • Add actionable remarks to clauses
  • Compare clauses contextually using similar clauses

SIMILAR DOCUMENTS: Get similar documents for easier comparison and further processing.

AUTO ML: Machine Learning models can be trained online with less or no ML knowledge. No Data scientist required.

SMART OCR: Conversion of scanned PDF to print PDF.

CONTENT SEARCH(with context):

  • Search through the content in the PDF
  • Search annotations and remarks
  • Search based on a para context


  • Manual Annotations
  • ML Annotations
  • Download data for NER training


  • Save all your data on server
  • Access Management
  • No different versions of file on different system
  • As all data (incl. annotation)is saved on server, collaboration becomes easy

CONFIGURABLE: Our Solution is Configurable and Customizable to suit your requirements. Contains building blocks to quickly make applications

COMPARE PDF: Compare PDF document in native format. Added and Deleted text are shown in Green and Red color respectively without losing any content



Save legal cost by analysing your contract documents with the power of AI and NLP:

  • Clause level tagging in contracts based on various criterion like risk, importance, financial etc..
  • Go beyond keywords for searching clauses from past data
  • Compare Contract versions on a single click.
  • Document clause wise comments for easy review.


Reduce your response time to RFPs / Proposals with our state of art tools:

  • Identify action departments on click of button.
  • Write comments or queries against the clauses.
  • Extract key specs with our smart extraction tool.
  • Classify various documents using intelligent document classifier.

For futher details on the product please visit the website https://www.nextrai.com/